dirtwireHomies, I’ve said before that sometimes this blog is not just about BASSSSS…mainly it is :-)…but not always.

So sometimes we like to go off the beaten track, down some lost highway somewhere or get lost in the desert!

Here’s some great desert blues, Americana stylee….or to put it in another way,  “DESERT SNAKE OIL BLUES”….Man, I like that!

It’s by ‘DIRTWIRE’ who consist of Evan Fraser and David Satori who have come together for this project.

David Satori  is also in a great band, ”BEATS ANTIQUE’ who I’ve admired for a few years now.  I was also lucky enough to work with them on one of my (Shisha) commercial releases a few years ago as we commissioned some exclusive tracks from them for that project. They have also shared the bill with our no.1 homies’, DIPLO AND BASSNECTAR on some of their American tours.

Beats Antique do some really wonderful glitch driven middle eastern bellydance fused with shades of downtempo hip-hop, old school jazz, classical Indian and North African Gnawa music.  They are revered like gods within the bellydance world.  If you listen to tracks like “Beauty Beats” and “Lantern”, you will understand what all the fuss is about!

DIRTWIRE is kind of similar to Beats Antique in terms of the feel of sound and atmosphere but then again it is wholly different in terms of genre.  Dirtwire is more Americana Folk/Blues as opposed to Beats Antique’s Middle Eastern leanings.

Dirtwire and Beats Antique are both defintley worth checking out to broaden your musical horizons.

For now, you can pick up the DIRTWIRE EP “DIRT IN THE WIRE” FREE!


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