l_3a59ef6d4c42b690c7bda47c6a1b999a We did a little post last week on MISS BLITZ and presented a mash up she did called JUF vs Miss Blitz vs Brodinski which is a mash up of Tamir Muskat from Balkan Beat Box and Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello.

That perked some interest from you lot and so we thought we’d give you a bit more from Miss Blitz.

Miss Blitz is a DJ and freelance journalist from Berlin, running a monthly radioshow called Blitzbeats on the Berlin radio station Sonett77, in which she explores genre clashing sounds from all around the globe.

She currently runs a blog called www.heartinmigration.com, where she writes about Global Electronic music, researches samples in different songs, and publishes interviews of underground artists.

She loves to explore different musical styles, the rough sounds from basements and streets as well as fast electronic beats. And: She loves to prove that different styles can all be blended together. Her sets are a big bold fusion of Latin, Dubstep, BaileFunk, Balkan, Bass, Techno and Punk. A mix between Past and Future, East and West, Roots and Beats.

Ok, with a bit of background behind us, first up there are 2 tracks which you can download:



Secondly, we have a nice little mix called the “CRISIS MIX”


Crisis Mix copy


KU BO_Mix (Crunchtime)

Sonar Calibrado_Os Asassinos (Shockout)

DJ Sandrinho_Sweet Dreams (Clek Clek Boom)

Uproot Andy_ La Vida Vale la Pena (Bersa Discos)

DJ Zizisso_ Revolution (Unreleased)

Schlachthofbronx_Landergschwister (Disko B)

Miss Blitz_JUF vs Brodinksi (Mashup feat Maga Bo, Filastine, Radioclit – Unreleased)

Edu K feat Madame Mim_Headbanger (Miss Blitz Refix feat Radioclit)

(Man Recordings / Refix Unreleased)

Deize Tigrona_Injecao (Mr Bongo)

Edu K _ Hot Mama (Essay Recordings)

DJ Dero_Batucada (Revelde Records)

Moleque Manhoso_Danca Do Rodo (Essay Recordings)

Wild Marmelade_Sunrise Eyes (Grooven Music)

Leftfield_Afroleft (Hard Hands)

Infected Mushroom_Becoming Insane (Bne H’ART)

Sphongle_Behind closed eyelids (Twisted Records)

Bumblebeez_Zulu (Radiolcit Rmx) (Modular)

Kid606_Sprouce Goose (Tigerbass)

Zol_Syphillisuperstar (Jarring Effects)

Dhruva_Banga (Sub Swara)

Miss Blitz_Darbuka Solo (feat Filastine, Maga Bo, Radioclit – Unreleased)


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