frankoThis is one of the best blogs that I’ve stumbled across  got tipped by the awesome WAYNE & WAX via TWITTER in recent history. Loads of cumbia and CHICHA gems from way back when. We are talking true record collector stuff here. You need to go to this blog, bookmark it and take a close listen to all the really great music that’s on it. It’s called SUPER SONIDO!

check out this GEM right here man: CHICKEN Y SUS COMANDOS – CUMBIA SAMPUESANA

In the words of the man himslef: SONIDO FRANKO:

“For the last 10 years or so I have had this chronic addiction/sickness called “record collecting”. This disease rapidly progressed into djing, partying, having a crew, owning a very small record label, and having a fucking fun time. Common symptoms included breaking hearts, getting my heart broken, damaging my liver, hanging out with awesome people, hanging out with losers, hanging out until 5 am, djing to a full house, djing to an empty house, getting on planes, letting my day job go down the toilet, and buying shit piles of Latin records & 45’s to point where I was completely overwhelmed. It got to the point where I had so many records, I didn’t know a thing about the musicians that made all these songs.

Maybe an audio blog is a like a 12 step program for this behavior, maybe it is a way to clarify. Or maybe it seems like the next logical step of this ailment. I don’t know? But what I do know is that I have an extensive collection of Latin American music that I love, a collection which would be my pleasure to share with you, and an outlet to focus on my writing. Yet I have to be totally honest with you though, in the last 2 to 3 years the Latin genre of music has been totally hot stuff. So sometimes I question why I am creating this audio blog. Is it to fill some sort of void? Is it to jump on a bandwagon?  Is it the right time to do this or not? Or am I just being lame? I have no diagnosis for those questions, i’ll just let the words and music speak for themselves…”

Joseph Franko (sonido franko)


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