acI must confess I’m a huge AC/DC fan, of both the BON SCOTT & BRIAN JOHNSON days, albeit only a fan of DC of the latter vocalist limited to 2 albums-Back In Black & For Those About to Rock…..after that they went super-cliched and remain that way to this very day, sadly!

I vividly recall seeing AC/DC live at the NEC Arena, just outside Birmingham, in or about 1982/1983 and shouting out “ANGUS….ANGUS…” for real.  One of the best and most entertaining live gigs I ever saw…full blown cannons….half-naked Angus in shorts etc etc….

So I nearly pee’d myself when I heard that our mates (and one of my favourite current bands in this GLobal Ghettotech scene or whatever else you want to call it)  SCHLACHTHOFBRONX had done this cover of a classic DC track.

It’s quite a short version but quite brilliant in my opinion as a set opener and/or to tag on in a mix somewhere…and quite different to what our boys are known for!….In fact they sound more like JUSTICE than they do SCHLACHTHOFBRONX on this track.




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