04_heavyweight-dub-championHere’s somebody that I got introduced to by my mate, Bob Duskis through his GLOBAL NOIZE blog.

Heavyweight Dub Champion – HDC (abbreviated, sounds like some sort of disease, don’t it homie) hail from the mountains of Colorado but they ain’t no frickin’ Hillbillies…..Saying that, I also descend from the mountains, the highest in the world, THE HIMALAYAS and I ain’t no frickin’ Hillbilly either!

HDC came together in 1997 and so have been going for over 10 years man, see I can count!  They say they are here (HDC – not aliens) …..”to reclaim sacred space through ritualistic performance and sonic alchemy”.   Their My Space further says…”HDC communes with Warrior Spirits in the creation, production and performance of their vibrational healing aural mandalas”.

Man, must be that Hippy California water as they’re based in San Fran nowadays.  I wonder what SLY & ROBBIE (who they are presently touring with) make of all that Hippy speak…would love to be a fly on the wall backstage)…..mind u with all that weed, I’m sure they are probably well in tune with it 🙂

Their debut album, “Survival Guide For the End of Time” won numerous awards in the State of Colorado, including Westword Magazine’s Colorado Album of the Year. Their upcoming release features multiple tracks with KRS ONE, Killah Priest, Dr. Israel, Apostle, Stero Lion, Elf Tranzporter, Wailer B, Lady K, and others.

So man, after all that, it sounds mouth-watering and it is quite good.

Here’s a great promo cut to get you into the mood for maybe more!

08 Dawn


  1. without one of the reggae/dub things that open my eyes (and ears) when i’m saw them a couple of years ago playing along Michael Franti (who invite them personally) @ PTTP afterparty in San Francisco.

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