FREDTo many of us KUDURO became a familiar byword for cutting edge African dance music with the arrival of BURAKA SOM SISTEMA.

However, it’s arguable that the Western GODFATHER of it all is the GREAT French DJ/Producer FREDERIC GALLIANO.

Indeed the first time I’d ever heard the word KUDURO some years ago…the name FREDERIC GALLIANO closely followed behind.

You can read up more about this on his MY SPACE and also listen to some of his great cuts on there too.  You can also catch a good interview with him going back to 2007 HERE.

THE FREDERIC GALLIANO KUDURO SOUND SYSTEM (check out their own blog) has a new album dropping in July on the EMI label…KUDURO GOES MAJOR!!!!!

This is something to really look forward to.  It’s going to be  in the format of  a DJ MIX and will contain brand new cuts of KUDURO in the FG KUDURO SOUND SYSTEM stylee…

You can hear some KUDURO SOUND SYSTEM cuts here at their MY SPACE.

Here’s a great vid to get you into the mood and check out the album when it drops…WE CANNOT WAIT FOR IT.

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