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I’m continuing with the MIDDLE EASTERN THEME today!

Don’t know if you remember the track “GET DOWN” by GROOVE ARMADA which came out a few years ago.  Anyway I must confess I’m NOT a big Groove Armada fan, in fact I don’t have any of their stuff except that track.

I don’t have the original track though BUT a remix by JAY DABHI.  I checked out the other remixes of that track after I heard this one by Jay Dabhi but none of them touched this remix.  Indeed, I’d go as far as to say that this Dabhi remix is IMHO the best thing to ever come from Groove Armada!  I’ve had it for a few years now and can’t quite believe why it never made it as an official release!

Anyway, Jay is my homie based in NYC.  He is a regular in America’s South Asian Nightlife.  He has Indian heritage and has been on the scene now for a few years.  Not only in NYC though, as he has also made quite an impact with the Asian Underground here in the UK.  He has been regularly played on BBC Radio 1 and Asian Network for a number of years now and is practically a household name for the listeners of those stations.  He is also a member of DA GROOVE DOCTORS who have worked with the likes of Bob Sinclair and Barbara Tucker, to name but a few.  You can find out a lot more and listen to some great tunes by clicking on their names, which will take you to their respective My Space’s!

Jay’s most recent release with Moises Modesto is called “CRY FOR FREEDOM”.  It is an epic track of sublime beauty, underpinned with a furious D N’ B sensibility but without sounding furious.  It came about directly as a consequence of the recent Palestinian crisis.  It’s currently on heavy rotation here on BBC Radio 1.

Coming back to his remix of GET DOWN, man it’s still sounds as unique as when I first heard it.  I’d never heard anything quite like it before.  It’s kind of dark Middle Eastern Rave in parts but has one of the most unique and unexpected breakdowns I’ve ever heard!

See what you make of it, grab it below for the first time….EXCLUSIVE!!

Groove Armada – Get Down (Jay Dabhi remix)

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