Here’s a nice little MAJOR LAZER mash that our sis’ from COOLIADO did last week which you might enjoy with a kind of ZIZEK re-rub to it with a Reggaeton feel…..

She said it’s not FINISHEDDDD but what the heck!!!!!!! We could not wait around as she’s been busy with all that new attention surrounding her concerning her new pics to promo her new COOLIADO STICKERS.  We know it’s just a vain attempt and to try to catch up with her BIG BROTHERS number of HITS!!!!!!..or should that be TITS!!!!!…haaa.haaa..SHE KNOWS WE’RE ONLY JOKING!!!!

Anyway, enjoy it below.

BTW, I’ve started taking votes already for VINCE to follow COOLIADO’s example to do a similar photo shoot for our GENERATION BASS STICKERS…..So C’mon everybody…WHO WANTS TO SEE VINCE THE PRINCE’S CROWN JEWELS….DON’T ALL DESERT US ALL AT ONCE!!!…haaa.haaa

I put my PORN career behind me and so I can’t do it…..It’s either VINCE or our trusty ERIK, THE ADMIN GUY!!!!…YOU VOTE!!!

Major Lazer – Hold the Line (alta joya grrrrreggaeton remix)


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