I wanna love everything that MAD DECENT do and I certainly rate the stuff L-VIS 1990 has done in the recent past.

Here’s the video for his upcoming release on MAD DECENT called “UNITED GROOVE”.

There are 2 elements to this track:

PART 1 – From the first second to about 2 minutes, which sounds pretty OLD HAT and boring in my opinion.  It sounds like something from 1970’s DISCO, hence the heading above, which in all honesty I’m personally not a huge fan of.  It reminds me of some of the gigs I’ve done in upmarket and extravagant but pretty souless GUCCI HANDBAG HOUSE clubs!  That voice over just reminds me of the sort of stuff DEFECTED cliched to death.  However, it is likely to be huge on a commercial level.  So I’m dissapointed BUT…..

PART 2 – At precisely around 1.59 of the track, it suddenly comes alive.  It warps from STUDIO 54 cliched territory 1970’s circa to MAD DECENT innovative club sounds 2020 circa 😉

Absolutley love it from 1.59 minute onwards.  I just hope some of the remixes concentrate on the latter part of the track and completely ignore the first part which ought to be sent back to STUDIO 54 with a firm message “LOCK IT IN THE VAULT AND THOW AWAY THE COMBINATION CODE”.

Sorry L-VIS 1990, but man, your work is incredible, as is the second part of this track, but the first part stepped all over my blue suede shoes man, and that ain’t NICE!


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