Sadly, though, there aren’t any GHETTOTECH remixes of ZEPPELIN’S music just yet. However, Zeppelin were incorporating Jamaican, Middle Eastern and other vibes into their music way back in the late 60’s and early 70’s on tracks such as D’YER MAKER (Jamaica), KASHMIR (where my humble family roots originate), IN THE LIGHT & FRIENDS.

Indeed it was Zeppelin who were directly responsible for getting me into Blues, Middle Eastern & North African vibes and not my family background.

Second up then on LED ZEPPELIN day, we have a bluesy Tuvan throat singing version of WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS from LED ZEPPELIN IV or UNTITLED or ZOSO by YAT-KHA.

Not forgetting that on the ORIGINAL track, JOHN BONHAM’s drums have been sampled by numerous artists including DR DRE & THE BEASTIE BOYS.



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