Finally, a really unexpected mash up between ZEPPELIN, MOS-DEF & MARTHA REEVES.  Where HEARTBREAKER from ZEPPELIN II, my favourite album, meets “HEATWAVE”!


Incidentally, if you really want to piss yourself laughing then check out DREAD ZEPPELIN’S version of “Heartbreaker” and listen out for the guitar solo. SPINAL TAP eat your heart out!

Not quite finished yet as we have one more treat, a great video from PAGE & PLANT’S “UNLEDDED” days.

On the album of the same name, they collaborated with a friend of mine, the KING of the BELLYDANCE world, HOSSAM RAMZY.  Sorry about all this name-dropping haaa….haaa…..

The Video is of Page & Plant in Morocco with some Gnawa musicians in a cool riad.  I think it was recorded around the time of the Unledded album.

I’ll be in Morocco, in a few weeks time 🙂


So, when you now think of Zeppelin, I would hope you will think of them in an altogether different light.

Maybe you already did in the first place, in which case, A BIG UP!


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