I’ve been waiting for this album to drop for absolute yonks it seems and now it is finally here at long last. It’s a project by Y.A.S. who consist of Mirwais & Yasmine.

Afgahan born Mirwais Ahmadzaï, yes from MIRWAIS, who worked with MADONNA.  He has been rated among the five greatest contemporary producers (alongside Timbaland and Dr Dre) by Esquire Magazine.

Yasmine Hamdan is from one of my favourite Lebanese bands SOAPKILLS whom she fronts with my mate HAMDAN ZEID whose brilliant Arabic dub track I had licensed for one of my recent commrecial releases.

The press release says:

“YAS IS THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL ELECTRO PROJECT THAT PLACES ARABIC LANGUAGE AT THE CENTER OF POP CULTURE! No exoticism but transgression, sulphur and genius, where Arabic discovers a new ultra-modern youth……That’s YAS: a terrific shot of Arabic electro-pop that goes to your head and gets your pelvis moving. In the 20th century pop culture is an Anglo Saxon affair. In 2008, plate tectonics called YAS revolutionize the world’s geo-cultural order; it’s now between Kabul, Beirut and Paris that it’s happening. A new crusade of liberation: Electro Kasbah!”

I can tell you, I’ve heard the whole album and it’s the sort of thing that I LOVE, being into all things Arabic music-wise.  It is certainly ahead of its time in the sense that it is the first time that vocals sung in the ARABIC  language have been credibly placed alongside cutting edge Western Electro beats and so it gets a MASSIVE THUMBS UP from me.

Here is 1 track to get you into the mood but go and download the album from I-TUNES!



  1. hallo i just have one question for you … it may seem weird , but what is ” kasbah ” …. what do u mean with it

    1. A kasbah (Arabic: “ÿߟџÇÿµÿ®ÿ©”) or Qassabah is a type of medina, Islamic city, or fortress.
      It was a place for the local leader to live and as a defense when the city was under attack. A kasbah has high walls which usually have no windows. Sometimes, they were built on the top of hill to make them easier to defend. Some of them were also placed near the entrance of harbors.
      Having a kasbah built was a sign of wealth of some families in the city. Almost all cities had their kasbah, this building being something necessary for the city to survive. When colonization started in 1830, in northern Algeria, there were a great number of kasbahs that lasted for more than 100 years.
      The word kasbah may also be used to describe the old part of a city, in which case it has the same meaning as a medina quarter. The Spanish word alcazaba is a cognate naming the equivalent building in Andalusia or Moorish Spain.

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