U-CEF as he is famously known is one of Morocco’s greatest ever musical exports.

You can find out tons of background info about him on his WEBSITE.  Also check out his MY SPACE where you can hear some gorgeous Arabic and North African cuts in the totally original style that distinguishes U-CEF from everybody else.

I suppose you could say that he is like Morocco’s Bjork, in that, his sound and vision is exceptionally unique and unlike any other.

His first album came out on the Apartment 22 label run by the now Tinariwen manger, Andy Morgan, back in 2001 and was called “HALALIUM”. It was rightfully considered as a milestone in Moroccan urban dance music. For me, it was also possibly one of the first where I heard Global Hip-Hop.

Halalium’s influence and inspiration was wide and undeniable and mobilized the New Wave of Moroccan music, which has only just now, started reaching out to other parts of the world, some 8 years later on.  It is arguable that if there had been no U-CEF, the New Wave of Moroccan music would not be as big as it presently is.  I firmly believe that he acted as a major catalyst for that movement.

The most recent album is called “HALALWOOD”.

His press release says, “First there was Hollywood…then Bollywood…and now…Halalwood…….‘Halalwood’ is a tour-de-force which puts gnawa music, dub, sinuous classic Arabic arrangements for qanun, flute & violins, electronic beats, rappers & MCs, big drums & crunchy rock guitars in a giant blender to produce something fresh and original…“.

It features an almighty cast of who’s who and guests include, Damon Albarn (BLUR/GORILLAZ), Natacha Atlas, Rachid Taha, Mirror System (Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy), Oum Alright, UK Apache, Amina Annabi, Justin Adams and Moroccan rap duo Dar Gnawa. .

As somebody once said about him, “U-Cef’s potential … (and influence)….is as limitless as the Sahara”.

U-CEF will be at the ESSAOUIRA JAMBASH with me in a few weeks time in Morocco from 24 June to 28 June.

We will also be doing a big party, HALWOOD (DJ U-CEF) VERSUS GLOBAL GHETTOTECH (DJ UMB), in one of Marrakech’s most exclusive and world renowned clubs (voted as one of the Top 10 Bars in the world), COMPTOIR DARNA on JUNE 28.

U-Cef’s albums are available worldwide from most on-line retailers.  DIGITALLY, you can pick up his DEBUT, HALALIUM ON I-TUNES HERE.  You can download his most recent, HALALWOOD FROM CRAMMED HERE.

Man, you need to check them out if you want to sample originality and cutting edge grooves.

FINALLY, I’ll leave you with an unbelievable and much sought after U-CEF MASH UP, which he kindly provided to GENERATION BASS as a worldwide exclusive….Man check it!




  1. Yeah, a very nice album. The first U-Cef album was a big part of introducing me to the North African sound.

    Cool mashup!

    Will hopefully hook up with you guys in Essaouira.


    1. You’re most welcome bro’…you are a GODFATHER after all…and we only deal with GODFATHERS on this lil’ blog of ours..haa.haaaaa..

      Vince Millett…I know who you are mate…SAOV…BIG UP 2 you and I’ll be talking to you soon about getting you on here with a little feature 🙂

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