You know I stumbled upon these guys by a chance meeting on MY SPACE where they sent me a friend’s request and then posted quite a funny comment, which I appreciated.  So I checked them out and at first, upon looking at their page, I thought is this a piss-take, GOLDIE LOOKIN’ CHAIN style or WHAT?

Then I listened to some tunes and I thought, man not bad, not bad at all.  So check them out for yourself.  Here’s what one critic said, “If you like funk/jazz, electronic/banging, hip-hop/trip-hop or old school/futuristic sampling, then you have great taste in music and are going to love this group…They are surely all of the above done to absolute perfection.”

They say themselves that their music “falls somewhere in between DJ Shadow, Daft Punk and Aphex Twin”.

You can make up your own mind cause I’m not 100% sure about them yet and I need to listen more but it sounds interesting.  You can download their MEGAMIX HERE.


Dino Riders Megamix Tracklist:

1) Wings of Love Remix
by Zagar(Big in Hungary)
2) Heavy Tron
3) Guidance
(Future Track with Illogic)
4) Homage
5) Special Deal 4 U
6) Silent World of Dreams(Draft)
7) Meshface
8 ) Katy Perry
– I Kissed a Girl
(Boss Remix)
9) The Wait is Over
10) Isis Eyes
11) Primary Sequence
12) Moonlit Trees


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