Here’s somebody who is making quite an impact on the GLOBAL GHETTOTECH scene, “WILDLIFE!  The good dude sent me 2 tracks which you can download:

Switzerland’s enfant terrible of world-influenced club has just produced a bunch of tracks for Terry Lynn’s highly acclaimed debut album “Kingston Logic 2.0”.  He has also remixed Radioclit and is messing around with Crystal Castles (now that sounds quite DIRTY!) 🙂

PLUS we have 2 mixes:

Firstly, a 60 minute mix of dancehall flavoured electronica gems. Starting off with some heavy dupstep wobblers, before moving over to signature tropical-electro-punk, “digital dancehall” and “yardtek” bangers from all four corners of the planet…


Secondly, one of music that has inspired WILDLIFE! in the past to the present.  It’s a blend of punk rock, reggae, hiphop and dancehall classics, more or less presented in chronological order as to how they appeared in his life… up close and personal!”


For track listings to both mixes, check his MY SPACE!

Finally, he is  doing a string of dates in Switzerland with everybody who is making an impact on the Global Ghettotech scene, Toddla T, Radioclit, DJ Beware, Danny Scilla and our No.1 homies, Schlachthofbronx.  Where is our DJ invite, WILDLIFE? 🙂

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