Here’s a very, very cool mix that I just liberated from my lil’ sis, Victoria-poos @ COOLIADO!

Man, it ROCKS!

You can find further info about the artist on his MY SPACE.


Here’s the TrAXLIST:

Aquecimento Palio Wekend (Felipe Carvalho DJ)

Elevated Levels – ?

CouncilEstateMowglimix – Chemical Brothers

Enur feat. Natasja – Calabria (Kurd Maverick Remix)

Rubber Oatmeal – ?

Loose Control – ?

Hold The Line (Acapella) – Major Lazer

El Guacho – El Remolón

Jack Beats – Get Down (Original Mix)

Hold The Line (Instr.) – Major Lazer

Girls (Don Diablo Remix) – Walter Meego

Awareness is Now (Acapella) – Colonel

Rubber Oatmeal – ?

Aquecimento Palio Wekend (Felipe Carvalho DJ)

Funk Dub – Milk

Cumbieton Rotura (Copia Doble Systema Edit Feat MC Gringo & MC Gus) – Alex K. Soundsystem

Cumbia Bichera (Kovic Mix) – El Remolón

ed de Mal (Copia Doble Systema Edit) – Marcelo Fabián

Cumbiatron – King_Coya_-_Son Carioca Dub – Milk


Knippelsuppe (MC Amadeus Version) – Copyfokking

Cumbia Bichera ((Edit of) Kovic Mix) – El Remolón

El Guacho – El Remolón

Sany Pitbull Dub

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