A few weeks back, Vince spoke about this dude, BAR 9 who happens to be a very close neighbour of mine (DJ UMB) here in the West Midlands, which is as you have guessed is in the urban sprawl of NOWHERE…haaaa….haaa..I mean in the middle of England.

Well, this dude doesn’t half rock man and so I thought I’d bring you some more.

Here’s a great dirty dubstep remix of BAR 9’s “MURDA SOUND” track by Brighton based RISKOTHEQUE.



You know we had to update this post because it has just dawned upon us that this post is in fact our 666th post!!!!

Does that make BAR 9 THE BEAST?????? IS HE DAMIEN??????..hope not man , cause he lives too close to me and that’s kind of uncomfortable 😉


  1. Track down a Bar 9 tune called Shaolin….there’s two awesome remixes, the Nero Remix and the Rob Sparx Remix. There’s something that really works about Kung Fu film samples and heavy, heavy dubstep.

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