This is just one hell of a mindblowing beat right here… thanks DAVE of ITSAFTERTHEENDOFTHEWORLD for putting this up. Crazy, sounds like a stampede of buffalo’s, sampled and treated. I love it. I’m hearing mixed reviews of the entire album, but somebody who has the skills to drop this, cant be all bad…

DJ QUICK & KURUPT, bring it on man!


  1. I’m writing up a review of the album right now, I can definitely co-sign the people that are giving it the thumbs up. I like pretty much every track, especially this one, “ohh” and “Moroccan Blues”, which has great use of a Moroccan folk sample. 9x outta 10 is exactly how a hip hop beat should sound in 2009 IMO

    1. Dave, any chance of sending on the Moroccan no to me for personal use only 🙂 my dropbox on our page or [email protected]

      I am away in Morocco next week and if you like Moroccan music be ready for a week of posts on Moroccan music next week 😉

  2. no problem I’ll drop it in the box. I wish I knew the sample, I think its something ether weird and/or from a TV or something obvious to people who know more about Moroccan music OR maybe not Moroccan at all?

    1. Hey thanks man, appreciate that….Will have a listen to this later today/evening and if I know what it is, I’ll be sure to let you know 😉

    2. Hey thanks Dave,

      I see that it’s also on download on quite a few places, including zippyshare, so you’d have no objections against me posting a link to it would you?

      BTW, got to be honest don’t know who the sample is by and never heard it before but did a bit of digging and discovered this interview:

      They took it from Andrew Zimern‚Äôs cooking show Bizarre Foods but not sure where Andrew Zimern’s took it from!

  3. don’t gotta ask me, throw the link up its hot!

    i just bought the cd yesterday and saw that andrew zimern name was credited to that track via the travel channel. I forgot who he was and what show he had, but this is hilarious! thanks for that internview is great.

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