This looks like a pretty interesting MASH UP album of Folk and World mixed in with Pop and Rock.  I have not listened to much of it but there are some good tracks by the likes of GRANDPAMINI whose pretty cool Cumbia mash up we featured here a few weeks ago.  Also, ROCK THE CASBAH, covered by RACHID TAHA mashed to DUELLING BANJO’S is quite funny.

Standout for me is “Love kalemba or hate kalemba” – Buraka Som Sistema vs. Lady Sovereign.

It is quite folky in parts but that might appeal to some of you but some of it rocks like the Buraka mash up.

Anyway you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

TRACKLIST to get you interested:

01. DJ Zebra & Bagad de Carhaix : “The imperial march / Da funk” (Live @ Panoramas ’09)
Bretagne / John William vs. Daft Punk

02. DJ Zebra & Bagad de Carhaix : “Dirty Harry” (Live @ Panoramas ’09)
Bretagne / Gorillaz

03. Grandpamini : “Russians like to move it too”
Ukraine / VV vs. Reel 2 Real

04. DJ Y alias JY : “Tom’s oriental diner”
Moyen-Orient / Thievery Corporation vs. Suzanne Vega

05. Overdub : “Bylam dragon”
Pologne / Kayah & Goran Bregovic vs. High Tone

06. DJ Le Clown : “Superkelt”
Irlande / Dropkick Murphys vs. Eminem vs. Daft Punk

07. Funky Belek : “Gimme mille et une nuits”
Moyen-Orient / Back To Basics vs. Britney Spears vs. Calvin Harris vs. 113

08. Grandpamini : “Dizzee goes Peru”
Pérou / King Africa vs. Dizzee Rascal

09. ToToM : “Sligo California”
Irlande / John Hawkins vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers

10. DJ Zebra : “Rock the banjos”
Maghreb – Etats-Unis / Rachid Taha vs. Eric Weissberg

11. Sugamotor : “Le dragon des Lilas”
Europe / Caravan Palace vs. Serge Gainsbourg

12. Funky Belek : “Du rhum, des gangstas”
Bretagne / Soldat Louis vs. 50 Cent vs. Timbaland

13. Fissunix : “Womanizer in Madrid”
Espagne / Armik vs. Britney Spears

14. Elocnep : “I believe it’s not fair”
Etats-Unis / Lily Allen vs. The Darkness

15. Grandpamini : “Coupé moustache”
Côte d’Ivoire / DJ Kitoko vs. Panpan Master

16. The Bootleague : “Move to Lambé”
Bretagne / Matmatah vs. Ludacris vs. Indeep

17. Sebwax : “Double carioca”
Mexique / Alain Chabat & Gérard Darmon vs. Christophe Willem

18. Michmash : “Jimmy gonna get us”
Inde / M.I.A. vs. t.A.T.u.

19. Elocnep : “Love kalemba or hate kalemba”
Angola / Buraka Som Sistema vs. Lady Sovereign

20. Funky Belek : “Breizh control”
Bretagne / Groove Boys vs. Missy Elliott

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