YES BOSS….It’s finally here!

Go and buy it from HERE and download it from I-TUNES and get ‘KEEP IT GOING LOUDER’ as a freebie download, ironic isn’t it that they’re now giving it away free…..haa.haaaa..that’s the same track we put up about 3 weeks ago and MAD DECENT busted us for it……haaa…..haaaaaa…BUT we’re back in love again now 🙂

Here’s possibly one of my favourite tracks from the album that MAD DECENT put on their blog.

It’s a special re-work by SWITCH.  Man I just love the ARABIC STRINGS in this track, reminds of the Eric Sierra Soundtrack to a great movie, LEON!



    1. Dude, “anticipated”…check our words carefully….:-)

      What else has caused as much commotion as this in the dance underground….for the life of me I can’t remember!

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