Here’s a little mix sent to us by these guys BASSRAIDERS, which is kinda cool.

It contains some tracks from our little blog here 🙂 including Vince’s Benga mash-up, that is making its rounds on mixes:-))…and who they also describe as “EUROPE’S finest Cumbia Producer”….well it’s true isn’t it even though my own opinion might be slighly biased 🙂

Not so sure about the inclusion of some tracks though, especially the Basement Jaxx track, which really grates on me as it’s kind of dull.

Here’s what they say:

“Summer’s here, and some good summer gigs are coming in the next month (Z-Shed, East Village, Secret Garden) so I ate a Calippo and it inspired me to make this mix. Tropical bass for the sunshine mixed up with a few Senseless exclusives and a couple of old tracks I dug up from the recently organized vaults. Track list with bonus commentary”.


TRACKLIST & Track commentary (nice idea :-))

Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido – Cumbia (Tom Tom Club Remix) w/ Bun B – Pop it 4 Pimp Acapella

Old school legends Tom Tom club make New York electro cumbia monster, couldn’t resist a bit of Bun B over the top, saw him live this year, legend.

Coki & Benga – Night (Sonido Del Principe RMX)

Benga and Coki chopped and screwed by one of Europe’s finest Cumbia producers. Woozy, chugging, great.

Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Dakunt & Stinj RMX)

This called itself a Kuduro remix but really wasnt, it is a really nice edit of one of my favourite tracks off the LP though.

Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Joker & Ginz RMX)

The Joker and Ginz EP on Kapsize was one of my records of the year, so when I saw this I was excited. Big squelchy rainbow bass for the sunshine.

Pacheko & Pocz – Zarbak

An exclusive from Venezuela, international funky business with an old school Warp acid vibe
Shystie – Bad Gal Bass (Ill Blu Funky RMX)

Shystie is back, Ill Blu makes it funky = Win.

Benga – 26 Basslines (Dubble Step RMX)

Never quite bought in to the original but this cheeky re-edit made my day.

Sticky ft Marvin Brown – Jack It Up

You don’t need to tell me Sticky is on fire at the moment, apparently Marvin is from Leeds. Where was he when I lived there?!

Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers (Club Dub)

I have no shame in admitting I love this track, Armand Van Helden is the constant renaissance man.

Buraka Som Sistema – IC19

The highlight for me from a great album, almost understated comapred to some of their other stuff, but a banger none the less.

Maxwell D & Lil Silva – Blackberry Hype

Never thought I’d like a track about phones so much, they should use this on the Blackberry adverts.

DJQ – Shottas (MR V RMX)

Good bassline never gets old. Simple but effective would describe this one.

Stagga – Rockin Down The House

Cheeky re-edit of a classic track, Stagga’s lopsided basslines live up to his name. Who remember’s the Jaxx version?

Lol Boys/Sukh Knight – Diesel Paint Job

Re-edit from America of one of the grimestep tacks of last year. I’m told Ice cream paint job has some fairly dubious potential meanings.

Sasquatch – Kickboxer

Brand new Senseless Records, ’squatch channels Van Damme 1989.

Swindle – A Different World

I swear Swindle is the grime Stevie Wonder. This is of his CV album, a lot of it is almost toooo funky for the club but this one edges it, amazing.

Toddla T – Shake It (Donaeo RMX)

Donaeo definitely has a sound, but its a good one.

DJ Gregory – Block Party (DJ Spen Dub)

Used to play this years ago, theres a few good mixes of it though. Doesn’t sound a million miles from UK funky now it has to be said, but that could be a good or bad thing.

Untold – Anaconda

I liked his old stuff but never played any of it but this tune is like woooooooah. Will not leave my box this year.

Iron Soul – Pressure Instrumental

Always thought Iron Soul was better than Kromestar. But rumour has it he’s on some new funky which was also fire.

Tempa T – Next Hype (Mosca RMX)

Grime/Baltimore re-edit, almost more of a DJ tool but it works.

Roska – Climate Change

Was blown away by this, and it still packs a punch. Not even sure if he’s bettered it yet.

DeVille ft Violet – Click (Octapush RMX)

Liboa in the house, was a honour to get two of my favorite new producers to remix one of my tracks.

Metronomy – Radio Ladio (Radioclit RMX)


Madeira Limpia – La Lenta (Schlachthofbronx RMX)

I’m still not ever sure I’ve spelt their name right but I like what I’m hearing from these guys. What is it with Germans and Latin music?

Boy Better Know – Too Many Man (Heartless Crew RMX)

A great tune, potentially made even greater. A Grime history lesson.

DeVille – Calippo / w Busy Signal – Step Out Acapella

I like Calippo’s this summer, this will have an official vocal later in the summer.

Ghosttown – Greezy

Another Senseless exclusive, also getting a VERY big vocal and rmx. Release Sept/Oct.


    1. Hey cool, changed the link :-))

      I’m afraid I did not like the Jaxx track even before I’d heard your mix, it’s all over BBC Radio and to me it jut sounds so mediocre and lame but of course millions love it :-))…just my own personal opinion!

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