Man, we got some great responses to the MINGUS post, not sure whether it was because of its relation to CUMBIA but I think it was the first time we have ever included Jazz on this blog!

So, I thought, why not give you a little bit more….Jazz, that is 🙂

“TRUEFORCE”……This is one of my first ever mixtapes!!!!!

I did this back in 2002, before I had ever done a live DJ gig (my DJ debut being in Nov 2003). It is called “TRUEFORCE”…it is jazzy, dark, grimy, strange, weird and downright dirty but also romantic…..

It’s inspired by a host of movies but underpinned by a jazz musical score…

It has a cast of the following:

Robert De Niro

John Coltrane

Cinematic Orchestra

Tom Waits

Harvey Keitel

Dennis Hopper

Chet Baker

Nina Simone

Marc Ribot

Gotan Project

Diana Krall

Cannonball Adderly

Miles Davis

Gato Barbieri

Martin Scorsese

Bernard Herrman

Cachito Lopez

David Lynch

Angelo Badalamenti

Man I remember when I started giving this one out to people….the feedback was incredible!

Here’s the track listing, to the best of my knowledge but I can’t be certain:

1.Taxi Driver dialogue

2. Durian – Cinematic Orchestra

3. Alabama (UMB Edit) –John Coltrane

4. Channel 1 Suite – Cinematic Orchestra

5. Dance of the Dream Man – Angelo Badalmenti

6. Taxi Driver dialogue

7. El Gaucho Rojo – Marc Ribot

8. Pasties & A G-String – Tom Waits

9. Can’t remember

10. Tumbao No. 5 – Orlando Cachito Lopez

11. Round About Midnight – Gotan Meets Chet Baker

12. The Other Woman – Nina Simone

13. Nancy ? – John Coltrane

14. Betsy’s Theme – Bernard Herrman OST Taxi Driver

15. Can’t remember – John Coltrane

16. Why Did She Choose You – Gato Barbieri OST Last Tango In Paris

17. Autumn Leave – Cannonball Adderley & Miles Davis

18. I Remember You – Diana Krall

19. Blue Velvet/Blue Star – Angelo Badalamenti _ OST Blue Velvet

20. TRUEFORCE – Taxi Driver Dialogue

21. Psalm – John Coltrane


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