These guys are dropping some heavy shit!

This is the first of my many posts this week based around MOROCCO!  Why?..cause I’m on the road to Morocco tommorow.

Here’s an excerpt of a good interview in which these 2 dudes show a lot of love for Morocco!

Dubcnn: I listened to “Watch You Wanna Do?” and “Moroccan Blues” and they sound kind of Middle Eastern. Where’d you get that influence from?

Quik: Both of them huh? Well “What You Really Wanna Do” is original. “Moroccan Blues” is a sample from Andrew Zimern’s cooking show Bizarre Foods.

Kurupt: That’s what they don’t know. Tell ‘em that again man it’s a cooking show homie. Music come from everywhere. Tell ‘em again Unk.

Quik: Yeah it’s from the Morocco episode from the Bizarre Foods show with Andrew Zimern from the Travel Channel. They went to go eat in a Tangine restaurant in north morocco. The food inspires that music and the music inspires that food. I can’t wait, after making that music, and makin’ a hit record from just sampling the resident musician in the restaurant, now I gotta go eat at the restaurant.

Kurupt: I’mma tell you like this, you dig man? Look at this man. Music is everywhere, inspiration come from all different facets of the ball game you dig what I’m sayin’, and I’m gonna let you know here shout out to all our Moroccan fans out there. ‘Cause a lot of people don’t know when you’re worldwide that means you’re all over the world, ya dig, and your game is wide. So you know we want to give a shout out to all our Moroccan folks out there. Thanks for all the support we love you. All these years, you understand me, cause I’ve gotten invitations to come to Morocco man and do some big things because you know the Moroccan fans love us and we love you too you dig what I’m talkin’ about ,so we wanna give a shout out to the Moroccan folks and that record “Hey Playa (Moroccan Blues)” that’s for you.




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