RIGHT, I’m in the greatest country on earth right now as you read this, MOROCCO!

Whilst I’m away “some” of our daily posts from today will be about the music scene in Morocco, new and old.

These posts have been prepared in advance and so I’m not writing them whilst I’m GHETTO-TECHIN IN MAROC 🙂

Of course it would be impossible to cover all the different facets and aspects of Moroccan music with a few posts but I’ll try to cover some of the main players, classic and new.

Don’t expect loads of info about the artists as you can just google their names and find out tons of info for your goodselves as it’s all there, everywhere.

I hope you enjoy the posts!


  1. For the most unexplainable reason, I’m in love with Morocco… I haven’t been. But I’m waiting for these posts so I can get diggin

  2. ye lucky one. still couldn’t make it before the festival ends due to party oblogations in A’dam…arriving in Maroc on 29th 🙁
    have fun though, doubled from my side!

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