Ok, we start with the most famous of all Moroccan bands outside of Morocco and also highly revered within Morocco, NASS EL GHIWANE aka The Rolling Stones of Africa!

“They have played a big role in the renewal of the Maghrebi music. Although their music is much less instrumental than the Raï music and is mainly based on voices and chorus, they can be considered among the influences which led to this new kind of music, hence Khaled one of biggest Rai singers started by playing Nass El Ghiwane in weddings and parties. Nass El Ghiwane where also the first band to introduce modem instruments like the banjo and the first to start the modernisation of traditional Moroccan and Maghrebi music especially the Gnawa music which has influenced their music in a great a proportion, they have also contributed to its popularisation and brought it to a larger public.-1960’s era”.

Allah ya moulana-NASS EL GHIWANE

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