For me FNAIRE is the MOST exciting band in Morocco at the moment, they are awesome.  I stuck their INCREDIBLE “Sah Raoui” track on GLOBAL GHETTOTECH VOL FREE III.

I tried but could not license the same track for my EXPERIENCE MOROCO comp, they were up for it, but their mangement were not 🙁

They are from Marrakech and man just listen to them….btw they are MASSIVE in Maroc!



  1. hey wij zijn van Belgie (Anvers) wij vinde da jullie echt
    mooi kunne zingen maar Marokko overdrijft wel met die
    hip hop gedoe enz okey jullie kunne da wel goe maar die
    andere amateurs moete er beter mee stoppe want
    da trekt echt op nix wollah 🙂 xx

  2. chui tros deçu hit ntouma mabaghinch tkouno waw doubez votre effort rakoum khasskom bach thzo rayat lmaroc o tkouno fi lmousrawa et madf3ouch kbir

  3. salamu 3alaykum…..fnaire …rahuma top du top…za3ama wa3rin bazzaf tbarkellah 3alikum….u 3alach ma duzuch l taza …:D:D ana 3acha f italie u mnin kan ji bech nchufkum makansebkumch…..iwa ma 3andi za7ar …i love fnaire …i love moroco….. be winner …….wa3ara ed la chanson bazzaf ……
    P.S….. i love fnaire …..mohcine fl 9alb (L)(L):D:D

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