GANGA FUSION were an eight-member group who were formed in 2001 in Essaouira and formed part of the New Wave of Moroccan music.  I call them the Moroccan Libertines simply because a lot of in-fighting has led to numerous band break-ups and reformations.  Their present status is in break-up mode, GREAT SHAME!!!  Of course I think the Libertines were a load of tosh but the same could never be said for this band.

For me, this band were one of my new stand-out discoveries, which I made a few years ago. The band members all embodied a courageous Moroccan youthfulness which involved the artistic meeting of different cultures. It reflected the incredible energy of a musical melting pot: Gnawa, Reggae Chaabi, Salsa, Celtic, Andalusian and Jazz which were expressions of their search for artistic permanence.

Here’s a great number swathed in an Andalusian/Jazz mood.  Andalusian music comes from Al-Andalus or Andalusia. It is a blend of Arab and Spanish music that Moroccans call El-Ala and is considered to be Morocco’s classical music which is sung in classical Arabic.  It is the primary form of Andalusian classical music today, along with Gharnati and Malhun.

Aicha Flaminco

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