HOBA HOBA SPIRIT are the greatest Rock band in North Africa at the moment.  Robert Plant is a huge fan amongst many notable others.  The band consists of 5 young musicians from Casablanca who draw inspiration from the harsh realities of their country to compose Rock/Reggae/Ska songs in a pure Moroccan Arabic language, Darija, and also in French.

The actual name of the band does not mean anything and came about as an expression they used for fun.  They often tell people it stands for ‘Haut Bas’, meaning high/low, a life of highs and lows.

This is a Rock band with a social conscience and their songs talk about integration, domestic violence, drugs, illegal immigration and anything else that young Moroccans are concerned with.  Their main aim through their music is to make young Moroccans look at things differentely but also  with optimism.

Here’s a brilliant Reggae/Ska inspired number.



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    Hope the posh gig goes well tomorrow and say hi to Ucef!
    Your posts as ever are great, but this ones link has expired Hope you can reup, heard a lot about them but never heard them

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