“Samira Said was born and raised in Rabat the capital of Morocco- a pure R’bati of origin (descendants of Al Andalus who immigrated to Morocco after the fall of Gorboda) in 1961. She began singing at a very early age, somewhat in her 9th year and started to be aired on Royal Moroccan TV in her 12th-13th year. Soon, she was noted to be a young prodigy. She began singing professionally encouraged by her family and backed up by authority figures in the Moroccan music composition scene, Al Rashdi and others. Her first appearance on television was on the Moroccan talent show “Mawaheb” alongside equally talented yet retired singer Aziza Jalal“.

“Her popularity….. went through the roof……in 2002 with the release of “Youm Wara Youm” (Day after Day) by the commercial “Alam El Phan” record company. The title track of the same name, is a collaboration with Cheb Mami. Launched in Virgin Megastores in Dubai and Beirut, the album went on to achieve further international recognition”.

YOUM WARA YOUM-Samira Said & Cheb Mami


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