One of Morocco’s crown Pop Princes appealing to the disaffected Moroccan youth in full pop glory.  He started young, aged 14 and has gradually built his career to be regarded as one of Morocco’s pop heroes singing and composing music in different musical genres as Raï, Reggae, Funk and Chaabi.

“Chaabi” is the most popular music listened to in Morocco. It is another form of Moroccan music that is widely listened to because it is sung in Darija, Moroccan Arabic. In the 70s it was the music that was used to express people’s overall political views and feelings via groups such as Jil Jilala and Nass El Ghiwane. Chaabi can be heard at weddings and other festive occasions or group gatherings.

Here’s a fairly recent track by him with a very, very strong Celtic influence!

echoufa – Said Mosker

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