Cheba Maria is the new rising star of the Rai genre in Morocco and she has worked very closely with Hamid Bouchnak and one of Morocco’s most famous DJ’s, DJ Youcef.  She has been one of the main players alongside other Artists like Khaled, Diam, 113 and Magic System in the French Rai N B series of CD’s which have been massive sellers worldwide.

She is the undisputed Queen of Moroccan Rai music.


Hamid Bouchnak.  Put on a Hamid Bouchnak song and more likely than not a Moroccan will just get up and start dancing or singing along.  Hamid was originally a member of a band called Les Frères Bouchnak nicknamed the Chevaliers du Rai (“the Rai knights”). Hamid’s father, Ben Younas Afandi was also a very well known musician who was known to promote the genre of Arabo Andulasian scene which combined Arab, Spanish, French and Berber music tones.

Here’s one of them together with some AUTOTUNE:


(Sorry about the low res but just cannot find the high res mp3!).

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