The source of inspiration for a stolen Arabic string loop as used by the CHEMICAL BROTHER’S in their mega-hit “GALVANIZE”.

I tell you that on good authority, namely, the Aatabou management, that the Chemical Brothers had not initially sought clearance for the sample but had to do so subsequently.

Najat’s voice is among the strongest in popular Moroccan music. Her dynamic performance and forward-looking viewpoints take her right into the hearts of Moroccan audiences and have made her a star.  Najat has released over 25 albums (but where to find them is difficult) to her name and enjoys immense popularity, in her own country and also among Moroccan communities abroad.

Her most famous track (outside of Morocco, thanks to the Chemical Brothers) is “Just Tell Me the Truth”.  It was originally a big hit in Morocco in or about 1993.  It is this song that was sampled by the Chemical Brothers in their worldwide hit “Galvanize” in 2005 which sold over one million singles.

I was lucky enough to be 1 of only 2 people ever to be granted permission to license this track for a compilation, my Experience Morocco comp.  The other being, PAUL BOWLES.  Man, if you do not know who Paul Bowles is, please look it up, I’m humbled to be in such prestigious and esteemed company 🙂

I could write a book on what I had to do to license that track and how I tracked down the copyright owner!!!!…Indeed the track on my & Paul Bowles’ compilation is only an MP3.  A WAV version does not exist.

Najat was supposed to have re-recorded the track for me at the time of my compilation but she threw a DIVA-FIT at her management and in the end did not….haa.haaaaa.  Maybe one day I will write  short book on all of this 🙂

I CANNOT give you that track, due to legal ramifications 🙁

Ayitini Belakdob-Najat Aatabou


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