Man, both Vince & I are huge admirers of Zizek’s genius mash up producer VILLA DIAMANTE.  He is somebody who caught my attention some time ago when I was hoping to commercially release a New Cumbia Mixed CD in or about 2008.   He has just released his 3 disc mash up album “EMPACHO DIGITAL”, which features more than 40 BLISTERING tracks.

EMPACHO DIGITAL –  “Empacho Digital is a three-disc mashup album featuring more than 40 tracks that lead you on an unimaginable musical journey where cultural boundaries are blurred and genres are melded to give rise to the unprecedented”.

So when I asked Villa whether he would be for an EXCLUSIVE interview with GENERATION BASS, he kindly obliged, being the perfect Gentleman Punk that he is 🙂

I was hoping to have this out last week on the same date as the release of Empacho Digital, June 23, but I was away in Morocco and Villa readily admits that his English is not fantastic and thus it had to be translated. Well his English is far better than my Spanish!

A lot of you have expressed great interest in the interview and it has been highly anticipated and so here it is, I hope you enjoy reading it.



GB:Tell us a little about your upcoming release, what is it called?

VD: Empacho Digital is a record that is trying to represent all the extra information that we are exposed to every day through a variety of media forms, such as tv, press, street publicity and the internet. I feel that before, the knowledge was directly related with the information we work with, but now we have an overwhelming amount of information about that is constantly changing, moving and influencing everything around us. Right now we are very close to pass from the information democracy to the information dictatorship.

GB: When is it released, which label and where can people buy/download it?

VD: The CD is available from the 23 of June and you can download it on my website www.diamantestyle.com.ar or from my record label www.zzkrecords.com. This is my third album of mashups, and just like the previous ones is free to download – of course still staying true to the mashup artist’s work ethic.

GB: What can we expect from the album?

VD: A wealth and explosion of sounds! Expect heavy Mashups with Argentine rhythms mixed with a variety of different world music’s, collected, sent and shared through the web, friends and word of mouth.

GB: Was it a nightmare to obtain licensing approvals for all of the mash ups and is that why this album took so long to come out?

VD: It’s a nightmare that I don’t want to delve into. If I had wanted to sell the mashup, the CD would have taken even longer to be released because I would have had to ask for so much permission. This being one of the reasons the mash up is free – it´s press material. It took so long for my ambition of doing a CD to be realized that finally now I´ve even got the idea of doing a triple disc.

GB: How would you like to describe the album?

VD: I´d like to describe this album like a mashups CD, in which I looked for harmony on the mixes of all the music that I have been listening too during the last year, like a compilation of artists that I respect and admire.

GB: What were you trying to achieve with it?

VD: I wanted to reflect the sort of artists I admire. My aim was to introduce and bring some lesser known artists into the spotlight. I want to give people opportunity, that just by clicking the right bottom of the mouse; they have access to some new, fresh and exciting beats that they weren’t exposed to before.

GB: Is there some sort of message you are trying to send with this album?

VD: To be careful with the information we´re given. It can be good information but we need to be aware that too much and excessive information can have negative qualities, similar to the problem of drugs.

GB: How do you make your mash ups?

What inspires you to do it?

What sort of equipment do you use?

VD: In order to create the perfect mashup, it’s a case of playing, testing and trying to mix up music that is completely contradictory. At the start of the process, the music will have no correlation or connection from one track to the next but after playing around and experimenting what’s produced is something quite special.

I´m inspired by everything. The music I listen to and like, the music I download and that I´m sent all inspires me. It´s a huge hot pot of inspiration.

In terms of equipment, at the moment I do all my work with my laptop on Ableton Live, but when I first started with the mashups years ago, I used to do it with the Vegas Video, a software multitrack which was pretty basic, and an old school old Desktop pc.


GB: How is the scene in Argentina?

VD: The scene in Argentina is quite underground. Zizek Club is doing a lot with the scene and it’s gradually becoming very popular. More people are becoming aware of the music, getting to know the scene and enjoying the new vibes that are being brought.

GB: And which new names do we need to look out for?

VD: New names and artists are constantly being thrown out. I am forever being sent mashups and remixes that I can work with. Recently we did a remix contest of Fauna which brought some really inspiring new flavours to the music which will be online with ZZK Records soon. In terms of specific artists, Black Mandingo, Un mono Azul and many more are really good. Lagartijeando, King Coya has great music and each has their own clearly defined musical personality.

GB: How do you think the scene is in other places?

VD: In all honesty, I don´t know if in other places, a scene like Zizek exists. In terms of a scene, I dont know if so many artists with such a different music style is about and moving forward in the way that Zizek is. It´s not the same as  Chancha Vía Circuito, El Remolón, or Fauna. Every single musician and label has their own personality and right now I think the scene here has got it going on.

GB: Who are your favourite Cumbia Dj’s or the ones that influenced you most?

VD: The list is huge, but DJ Oro11 and Sonidos Martires influenced me hugely. They did a lot to help me understand the roots of cumbia. I love Marcelo Fabian, Dick El Demasiado, Fantasma and of course my dear Fauna. EL Remolon, Chancha Via Circuito, Daleduro, Zurita and many more. What´s interesting though, is the artists are all contemporary, they are all creating new sounds and ideas that are still applied to the traditional Latin American roots of cumbia music.

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01-Intoxicados – Comandante (Villa Diamante cumbiastyle)
02-Villa Diamante – Calle 13 vs M.I.A.
03-Villa Diamante – Chancha Vía Circuito vs Nelly
04-Villa Diamante – Arcade vs Spankrock
05-Villa Diamante – Marcelo Fabian vs Homebwoi
06-Villa Diamante – Spektre vs Nelly Furtado & Calle 13
07-Villa Diamante – Surtek Collective vs Modeselector
08-Villa Diamante – Frikstailers vs Calle 13
09-Villa Diamante – Fauna vs Tego Calderón
10-Villa Diamante – Peter Rap vs Ludacris
11-Villa Diamante – Marcelo Fabian vs Dante
12-Villa Diamante – Chancha Vía Circuito vs Lil Mama
13-Villa Diamante – El Remolón vs Chingo Bling
14-Villa Diamante – Marcelo Fabian vs Tego Calderón
15-Villa Diamante – Oro11 vs Kelis
16-Villa Diamante – El Trip Selector vs Voltio y Tego
17-Villa Diamante – Emisor (cumbia style)
18-Villa Diamante – Tremor vs Arianna Puello
19-Villa Diamante – Emisor vs Dead Prez
20-Babasonicos – Farsa (Villa Diamante Edit)


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