Villa Diamante is the genius mash up Producer from ZZK Records in Argentina and the Editor of the ZZK Records and ZIZEK Club blogs.  We continue with Part 2 of his interview with Generation Bass.

GB: What do you think of Cumbia Villera?

VD: I find it funny that I have to come to an American like Oro11 to tell me the most interesting thing about cumbia villera. I like the slow rhythms touched with those heavy and psychedelic keyboards.

GB: If you like Cumbia Villera, which artists would recommend?

VD: I am not a great specialist in Cumbia Villera, but Pablo Lescano with Damas Gratis or Pibes Chorros, are the some of the best artists in that scene that I can think of. 

GB: Can you tell us, if you can, what is the difference between Cumbia from Colombia and Cumbia from Argentina?

VD: Argentine cumbia has a lot of diferencies from cumbia villera, romantic cumbia, santafecina cumbia, cuarteto cordobes. It´s still Cumbia but with a drum and bass tempo and in that sense there are a lot of different types of cumbia. I don’t know if it is the same in Colombia.

GB: How do you see the future for Nueva Cumbia?

VD: I can’t predict what’s going to happen around the world but definitely in Buenos Aires, I can see the way the artists are going. What I like is how; elements of cumbia are being taken and mixed with music from other countries and genres. Realistically though, I don´t know if in years we will be calling this music cumbia anymore, its more, electronic Latin-contemporary music that I think ZZK is really working towards.

GB: Please give us your TOP 10 Cumbia records of all time.

VD: As I said before, I am more influenced by new cumbia than traditional sounds so this is a list of my top 10 new cumbia tracks.

Fauna – La Manita de Fauna
El Remolón – Pibe Cosmo
Marcelo Fabian – Beija Flor
Chancha Vía Circuito – Rodante
King Coya – Cumbias de Villa Donde
Sonido del Principe – Bersa Discos
Dick El Demasiado – No nos dejemos afeitar
Damas Gratis – Solo para entendidos
Sonido Martines – Chicha para el jetset
Zizek Sound Vol. 1 y Vol. 2


GB: How did you get into music, what are your musical influences?

VD: Since I was young I have been listening to music. Listening to anything from my dad’s old vinyl to the old school mix tapes my friends would make me. In terms of influences, it’s a mashup. My influences can be anything from the sonic Argentine rock of the 90’s to hip-hop, experimental music, bastard pop, techno, idm, drum and bass and hip hop Latino. Specific bands whose music I like would be Joy Division, The Ramones, Erland Oye, and LCD Soundsystem.

GB: Do you live for music?

VD: Since 4 years ago, it´s hard to live from the music in Argentina, but then if you live doing what you love, it’s the best thing that could happen to you.

GB: When you are not working on music, what sort of music do you listen to?

VD: Lately I have been listening a lot of Argentine rock from the 70s to the 90s. Since my English is really bad, I like to listen to music in my own language because I can completely understand the lyrics and use them to inspire me.

GB: Who you do you rate at the moment?


VD: Daleduro, El G, Mugre, Zurita, Lucas Luisao y DJ Nim.


VD: El Remolón, Black Mandingo, Marcelo Fabian, Daleduro,
Frikstailers, Modeselektor, Sonido del Principe, Chancha Vía


VD: Fauna, Santogold, Surtek Collective, Tremor, Calle 13,
King Coya, Tego Calderón, Meneo.
and more more and more

GB: Your all-time favourite artist?

VD: In Argentina, Babasonicos is a band which formed at the beginning of the 90’s. They made me change the way I understood music talking about different artists, films or drugs, and it opened my mind to other ways of thinking. When I first listened to their CD Dopadromo I felt like I could understand what it was like to be very high when you’re only 15.

GB: Your all-time favourite song/piece of music?

VD: Pescado Rabio – Desatormentandonos /Artaud

GB: Your all-time favourite movie?

VD: I am a real fan of Jean Luc Godard, I could see his film “Yo te saludo, Maria” or “historia(s) del cine” thousands of times, but is too long and I can’t stand staring at the TV screen for hours!

GB: Your all-time favourite book?

VD: I don’t have a favourite book, but I have got a favourite author: Cesar Aira is an Argentine writer who tells his stories in a very particular way. He uses a non formal technique to express an unusual form of fiction.

GB: Your greatest influence – music or otherwise?

VD: I believe that the majority of concepts that I manage in music with Villa Diamante, come out from novels, essays, or press articles that I read.  Analysing marketing theories and watching how the markets move, similar to how the industry adjusts is a huge influence for me.


GB: What is next on your musical agenda?

VD: At the moment, we are developing ideas with the VJ resident of ZIZEK Club, Lucas DM, and a new audiovisual project which is very bastard pop. That makes me very happy, to work with other artists.

GB: I, for one love your Dubstep vibes on the mash ups you have done, can we expect more of this or even original tracks soon?

VD: I have been working with El Remolon on a couple of tracks, and always I want to produce my own tracks. For me, that‘s the next step, but for now I have too much work with ZIZEK Club and ZZK Records, it‘s hard to find time to produce, but it is definitely the next step, that’s for sure.

GB: Where do you see yourself in another 5 years time?

VD: In Buenos Aires, maybe writing a book or making a band, I wish I could sing!

GB: If there is one thing you would like to say to the world, what would it be?

VD: “We think we´re ready to live our best moments. You know?

But it is better if we are happy”. (Victoria Mil)


GB: What is your favourite blog (wink, wink) and why?

VD: I am not going to say Generation Bass, because you already know I read it every single day and I download everything they upload. But I have more than 100 favourite blogs that I check every 15 days, to be up to date with the music that goes around.

My favourites are, because they concentrate on a lot of information. Generation Bass, Chrome Kids, Bassjam, Dutty Artz, Ghetto Bassquake, Cooliado, Mad Decent, Masala, Mudd Up, Mugre, Puritan Blister, Syntheticrocks, wayneandwax and unknown music are also a selection of my favourites.

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“One day Daleduro came to me and said, listen to this… And a whole new cosmovision of dance forms became present with all those fat bass tones and a heavy rhythm style out of post-nuclear Jamaica. Dubstepism is getting closer to Latin America with some reggaeton folksteps brought down to Dubstep rythms.

The only contemporary music genre that I could see getting born, devoloping, and probably dying. All of this information that makes me in Buenos Aires try to understand a cultural movement that is developing on the dancefloors of London and all of these gigabytes of music was given to me by Daleduro, my best dealer”

01-Villa Diamante – Tonolec vs Kromestar
02-Villa Diamante – Doña María vs Ital Tek
03-Villa Diamante – Intoxicados vs Kromestar
04-Villa Diamante – Daleduro vs Calle 13
05-Villa Diamante – Benga & De La Guetto feat Randy
06-Villa Diamante – Skream vs Gallego
07-Villa Diamante – Scuba vs Alexis & Fido
08-Villa Diamante – Eloy vs Mbz
09-Villa Diamante – Ital Tek vs Jomar
10-Villa Diamante – Daleduro vs Jahcoozi
11-Villa Diamante – Juana Molina vs Benga
12-Villa Diamante – Lykke Li vs Martyn
13-Villa Diamante – Daleduro vs Lady Tigra


“With an unconditional and fucked up love for all of Argentinean rock, this is just a tiny sampling of all the disks that I’ve been collecting through Many were in the form of old cassettes, vinyls, and scratched CDs, and some I had read about how they existed and as a vice I started compiling all of the records I loved from Argentinean rock”.

01-Villa Diamante – Victoria Mil vs Clipse
02-Villa Diamante – Charly Garcia vs Busta Rhymes
03-Villa Diamante – Los Encargados vs Big Boi
04-Villa Diamante – Abuelos de la Nada vs Old Dirty Bastard
05-Villa Diamante – Plastilina Mosh vs Mike Jones
06-Villa Diamante – Babasonicos vs Crime Mobb
07-Villa Diamante – Antonio Birabent vs Fergie
08-Villa Diamante – Adrian Cayetano Paoletti vs Jurassic 5
09-Villa Diamante – Sumo vs Clipse


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