Yes, that’s ROBERT PLANT (LED ZEPPELIN) with my mate Hicham, manager of HOBA HOBA SPIRIT & H-KAYNE who spent 3 days in Essaouira with Percy (Robert Plant) in UNDERCOVER mode.  Hicham also brought over ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT to the Festival!

Well, as you can guess, I just got back from the GNAWA or GNAOUA FESTIVAL in ESSAOUIRA, never been before but man it was one of the best Festivals I’ve ever been to.  There’s just something about those Gnaoua Riddims which are ever so hypnotic. Like DUBSTEP, Gnaoua Riddims just grab you and take you in and ENTRANCE you completely.

Managed to catch the brilliant HAMID EL KASRI live and some other lesser known names. Missed, Khaled, as we were dj’ing but such is life.

Man, in all honesty, the JAMBASH was a bit of a SHAMBASH.  There were so many twists and turns that even MACHIAVELLI would have ended up confused.  I don’t want to talk too much about what went wrong save to say that there was a great degree of hustling on behalf of the sister organization in Essaouira.  This is when the JAMBASH organizers should have stepped up to take contol of the situation but they didn’t leaving everybody high & dry.

Consequently, we are hoping to organize our own event next year as man it is just such a great Festival and location. When I say “WE “, I mean the brilliant Globalibre guys who became my brothers within the space of a few days and man did we experience some “Highs” and “Lows”.  Also my long-standing DJ partner abroad DJ DISORIENTALIST.

Anyway, I managed to do 2 slots and from nothing I built up an audience who were just going absolutley bonkers, made up of metal kids, locals and tourists who were just passing by from stage to stage as we were kind of in between stages in an open air cafe location.  People just stopped when they heard the music and dropped in and started dancing and essentially then going CRAZZEEE…..:-)

So what brief time we had dj’ing provided us with a great insight into the fact that man, we could rock the shit out of that place…haa.haaaa…so we need to go back next year and do it properly.


This is the party in mid-tempo mode…..and it did get a lot crazier than this with kids headbanging on the floor….haa.haaaa


Went on to Marrakech for the gig at the COMPTOIR and that was a great night, people were going nuts again but might be too soon for GHETTOTECH for this bunch of rich kids…haa.haaa


BELLYDANCERS @ COMPTOIR DARNA who perform a twice nightly short bellydance routine.

with claude 1

This is a picture taken at Comptoir Darna of me, U-Cef (Jambash organizer) and CLAUDE CHALLE.  Claude Challe is the guy who invented the BUDDHA BAR sound and Global Chill/Lounge.  In fact I would say that he was one of the first EVER to make so called “WORLD MUSIC” Hip!!!!

He was also probably one of the first to mix traditional ethnic roots music with western fusion and electronica as he did on his releases “Flying Carpet” and “Les Bains Douches”.  The first time I heard a BALKAN tune was on his Les Bains release when he used a great track from GORAN BREGOVIC which I STILL ocassionally use in my sets to this very day.

He is the guy who inspired me to get back into music and start as a DJ after I heard Buddha Bar 1, which in my opinion, is still the best mixed compilation of all time.  Listen to CD1, in particular, tracks 1-8 which provide a MASTERCLASS in how to mix different ethnic genres into one seamless and emotionally powerful flow…it will FLOOR YOU!

He once owned a restaurant with the Actor, Jack Nicholson and did mixtapes and became good friends with Royals like Princess Diana etc…and man so many other things like managing the hottest spots in Paris frequented by his mates, Rolling Stones, Bowie, De Niro etc etc… Whenever the stars were in Paris, there was only ever 1 man they would go to, Claude!  The guy does not get out of bed for less than a reputed 25K for a gig!!!!…haa.haa.

He is currently working on a movie about his life and man that ought to be quite an exciting story to tell and so I really look forward to its release as it will include very private footage of some of his parties with the VERY,VERY BIG STARS!

Anyway, lucky for me, he’s my bro’ and has been for some time and it was an absolute honour for me that he once again made time to come and hear me at the Comptoir.  I tell him each year that he is directly responsible for me becoming a DJ.  So it was great to hook up with him once again together with his younger brother Jean-Marc.

with claude 2

Anyway, enough of all this showing off, sorry dudes, promise won’t do it again….haaa.haa


Here’s some great new remixes with a MIDDLE EASTERN/NORTH AFRICAN inflexion that you can download from my new brother DJ BADRE, up there on the right side of Claude with Axel on the left, both from the Globalibre DJ Team.  Olivier and Rainer who make up the rest of the Globalibre DJ Team are missing in the photo but never from my memory of our journey there together.

Man we had some great fun together, staying in the same Riad, experiencing the same highs and lows, theorising till about 5am each morning, going to Marrakech together and generally amusing ourselves with great music, dj’ing, partying and piss-takes!!! :-))..as schoolboys do…..haa.haaa




  1. Cool report! Essaouire is a great place and well worth checking out when the festival isn’t on too….it’s great staying after the festival and watching it return to normal.
    Hopefully the Secret Archives crew will be able to get there next year too – great things could happen at La Tete d’Etoile (or whatever the place was called…).

    It was good to meet all the guys you mentioned and hopefully we’ll get to know them better.

    I’ll hopefully post my own report on the festival this coming weekend when I’ve finished ploughing through my hundreds of photographs.

    1. Yeah spot on Vince, that is one location, but I have other ideas too and through my contacts will try to hook up with the INFLUENTIAL people to see if I can blag an official spot somehwere, somehow….we’ll see…..

      BUT one thing for sure I will not be doing the JAMBASH, I’d rather not go at all than be involved in another absolute charade!…I heard it was similar last year, obviously if they have not got their shit together within 2 years and are constantly letting down people and making empty promises that they cannot deliver upon, then it’s bullshit!

      Anyway, in spite of the BULLSHIT, great to meet you too and Peter …haa.haaa:-)

      You’re welcome to come on board with my/our plans…whoever is interested!

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