Everybody from Villa Diamante to Bersas Discos and ZZK Records, amongst many others, rate this ENIGMA- SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE.

Not many people know who he is.  In fact I was including his tracks on my mixtapes without realising I knew and was speaking with the guy.  He did not even tell me, I discovered by accident…haaaa….haaaa..

Man I really like that!

He is on a bit of a Cumbia roll at the moment and tracks are just flying out and each new one is different to the previous one.  He is mashing up Cumbia with diverse genres, hip-hop, rock, bellydance etc etc..  In fact I think he just invented a new sub-sub-genre CUMBELLYA…a mash between cumbia & bellydance 🙂

He is Europe’s leading CUMBIA DON!…Big Respekt, even though I know the guy and all this might sound biased but I’m not like that, cause if he was ok, I’d say so but he’s more than ok…he’s quite brilliant!

Here is another new one which fuses Cumbia with Brazillian Funk and Rock and it’s another BIGGIE!



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