Here’s a band I’ve been following for a few years now.  NOVALIMA are from Peru via London, Lisbon, Barcelona and some other cities.

They do a kind of funky Afro-Peruvian thang!

Just lifted this from Rupture’s Cumbia Blog, La Conga!



1.- “La danza de los Mirlos (novalima remix)”*unreleased. Los Mirlos traditional 70’s cumbia reversion by Bareto, cumbia revival band from lima, remixed by novalima)

2.- “Macaco (novalima remix)”*unreleased – Batata y su Son Palenquero , one of the greatest afro colombian artists, our friend Lucas Silva “Champeta Man” gave us the tracks of this great trad song to remix)

3.- “El abuelo (novalima remix) – Bareto” *unreleased. Made popular by Juaneco y su Combo in the 70’s, another cumbia reversion by Bareto remixed by novalima

4.- “Tumbala” (da lata remix) this is a great afrobeat-brazilian remix by chris frank whom we’ve known since the “afro” sessions in london back in 2004, with additional vocals by da lata’s nina miranda. This track digs out cotito’s “lost verse” from tumbala which somehow didnt make it into the original version in the album

5.- “el niche” sabor y control. Our favorite peruvian salsa dura band, led by bruno majer (who sings mujer ajena in coba coba) and constantino, novalima’s timbales player

6.- “bandolero (kv5 remix)” great remix in a jamaican stylee by marc lee from london based kv5. Previously unreleased

7.- bomba (coba soundsystem) this track was the last track we finished before releasing coba coba, coba soundsystem is a.k.a. novalima dj’s rpp,rm,gs. Bomba plena an electro latin dancefloor groove

8.- tumbala (oreja remix) seiji’s house rework for tumbala.


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