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The GENERATION BASS ARMY is growing with more STAR contributors coming on board soon.

As you are already aware, we have STICKY K waiting in the wings to start making posts in his area of interest, PERSIAN MUSIC of all persuasions.

We are also happy to announce that DOMA TORNADOS will be making his contributions by his alias HIPI DUKI.

HIPI DUKI, as we will all know him from now on, in connection with GENERATION BASS, will be posting features & music on hard to find soulful South American music from ancient roots to contemporary beats!

Wow..we look forward to it HIPI!

Plus my good old friend, DJ DISORIENTALIST will be joining us with some special AUDIO-VISUAL delights for promo’s and mixes.

Disorientalist and I have done our fair round of gigging around the globe together as SHISHA SOUND SYSTEM in the past.  He will also be posting features once in a while on all sounds, GLOBAL.

We have a few more peeps lined up as STAR contributors and we’ll reveal more about that in due course.


However, we are always on the look-out for more “daily” & “regular” contributors to our blog.  So if you think you fit the bill, contact us and let us know what you can offer and how often.  We’d be delighted with someone with a real GHETTO-BASS/DUBSTEP background or interests in FIDGET/WONKY/PERVERTED/OVERTED/SUBVERTED/CONVERTED/ DIRTY BASSSS SOUNDSSS!

Of course, none of us get paid for any of this, so if you’re looking for dollars then wake up and smell the coffee!  Saying that, you gain the prestige of working on one of the best blogs on blogosphere, we’re modest ain’t we 🙂


Some of you are already aware of the GENERATION BASS gigs in Tilburg, Holland started by VINCE THE PRINCE.

Well, both Vince & I are hoping to stretch our wings and we wanna be startin’ something in good ole foggy LONDON TOWN soon…psssss…keep it secret for now 🙂

A Street Team & DJ’s will be needed and help with organizing it etc and so if you are based in London and want to join the GB GB (Great Britain Generation Bass Team…haa.haa) then let me know and e-mail me here: [email protected]

Vince & I will consider your inclusion in our plans for shaking up LONDON!


  1. Hey Russ! Great to see you on here. As a matter of fact, when UMB and I were chatting about doing a Gen Bass party in London, the first place that came to my mind was Passing Clouds, where you do your fabulous Cumbia nights. It would be cool if you could help get us in there 🙂

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