SECRET ARCHIVES OF THE VATICAN are a band I’ve known about for around 6 years now, having had some of their earlier works when I started out as a DJ specializing in ARABIC FUSION.

They are a UK based band made up of indigenous Englishmen who dabble in all things Indian & Arabic Electronic fusion amongst DUBSTEP and other things.

You can find out all that you need to know about them from their WEBSITE HERE or their BLOG HERE.

They were in Morocco during the “SHAMBASH” and interviewed me about Generation Bass and other things for their PODCAST, which you can listen to or download HERE.  The INTERVIEW is at around the 29 minute mark but listen to the whole Podcast as it contains some great stuff!

You can download loads of FREEBIES FROM HERE:

What is Written Dubstep flavoured triphop. Download as mp3, FLAC or aiff.
Seek the Ancient Paths Arabian dubstep. Download as mp3 or FLAC.
Journeys Across Deserts Funky Arabtronica.  Download as mp3 or FLAC.
Antioch This and Widow of Nain were written as an experiment to see if we could make house music. Download as mp3 or FLAC.
Widow of Nain This and Antioch were written as an experiment to see if we could make house music. Download as mp3 or FLAC.
Law Bringer Chilled electronica.
Budayeen 3am (Black Tiger Mix) Remix of Budayeen 3am, a track on Babylon Halt. Probably won’t be released anywhere official, just available to download from here and a few other places.
Rock the Howdah Tabla-driven groove thing. This is an early mix of a tune that appears on Babylon Halt
Machine Against the Raj Tabla-driven drum’n’bass. Has appeared on Indian Electronica Volume 1 and we’re not planning on releasing it anywhere else.
The Cave of the Seven Sleepers This is a very old Secret Archives tune but we think it’s worth hearing again. Download it as an mp3, FLAC or aiff.
The Sheik and the Two Black Hounds An evocation of ancient Persia in a kind of Muslimgauze style. Sort of. Heavily chopped up samples, that sort of thing.
Tale of Goat Featuring Marion Davis on violin and Emma Bentham on flute. Louis wrote this one. This didn’t make it onto Babylon Halt but only because it didn’t really fit musically with the other tunes.
Dogs of War A very rough early mix of a tune from Babylon Halt. There is a different guitar solo on the album version. Lyrics by Pete and guitars by Pete and Louis.
Caleb Dub

An Uncle Riotous mix of a Secret Archives tune. See link below for more tunes by Uncle Riotous.


Unfortunately the main orchestral sample in this tune has been used by other artists in released tracks so this is the only place you’ll hear this tune.

The Walls of Byzantium – Beit Arabi mix

A classic Secret Archives tune. A version of this is on Babylon Halt

The Stones at the Feet of a Prophet – Hard Road mix A remix of a tune that is on Babylon Halt
Full Metal Hood A collaboration with guitarist Sonny Lightnin’ Boy Ford.
Gnawa of Power Written by Vince after being inspired by a visit to the Gnawa music festival in Essaouira, Morocco in 2005. Features 12-string Stratocaster guitar and 11-string Glissentar fretless guitar. A newer mix of this is on Babylon Halt
Inauguration A track Louis and Pete wrote in response to the election of Barack Hussein Obama. It might be offensive to Americans of a nervous disposition; you have been warned!


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