Just got this great liveset from HIGGS, about 26 minutes of cool dub hop. In the vein of old WORDSOUND (who by the way will also be playing at the GB event in september) and future dub from the mid 90’s. very cool stuff, dl and play till ya eardrums bleed!


Artist: Albert van Abbe
Title: Higgs Series (I Am The Sheperd) 2009

001: Higgs Series_1_060 (Feat. Olivia)
002: Higgs Series_1_062
003: Higgs Series_1_059
004: Higgs Series_1_061
005: Higgs Series_1_063 (Feat.Phat Cat)
006: Higgs Series_1_057 (My Lady)
007: Higgs Series_1_054

Total Time:

All Tracks Concieved /Sequenced /Dubbed By Albert Van Abbe
Summer 2009. Dedicated To The Womb.

Artwork/ Picture by Jura Maraudeur, Kiev 2009

Albert van Abbe is still looking for Mc’s, get in contact!
Mail: [email protected]

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