My homie BOBBY FRICTION is one of the UK’s, if not the worlds, best known Asian radio jocks, hosting shows on BBC RADIO 1 and the BBC ASIAN NETWORK.

In addition, he makes great and sometimes sensitive documentaries on all manner of things from Asian British-ness through to Arabic Super-Hero Comics including voice-overs for kiddies TV programmes!

He’s a really cool guy and is always happy to champion new sounds and talent.  It was through his shows that I got into stuff like Bandish Projekt, Barbarix and other great acts.

We’re going to be doing a proper feature on this cool dude in due course as he’s doing a SPECIAL & EXCLUSIVE MIX JUST FOR GENERATION BASS!!!!

He promises us, it will be the full ASIAN BASSSS HEAVY works, with bells on it!

Man we can’t wait for that 🙂

The cool dude has also (unbeknown to me until yesterday during a telephone conversation with him) been checking out our blog frequently and downloading choons from it for his DJ Sets including for his recent GLASTONBURY appearances!!!!!

So, WOW! Generation Bass hits BBC Radio 1!!!!….Not just him though, Tim Westwood too 🙂

So it’s coming soon, THE FRICTION MIX!!!

In the meantime, check out his radio shows Mon-Thursday 10.00 pm-1.00 am…..DUBSTEP, BHANGRA, ASIAN ELECTRONICA, ARABIC, DESI-BEATS, it’s all there!

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