My homie, JUAN DATA from the HARD DATA blog just sent me this post via FACEBOOK and man I pissed myself so much that I just had to share the whole thing with you.

But I have something very much in common with this tale, not the 2 girls….haa.haaaa, and that is, my sentiments mirror those of Don Juan.  In my teens and even now, I’d rather buy vinyl than take a girl out for dinner or take her to go and see a flick!!!!!


Dude, I’m so fucking happy today! And it’s not because minutes ago I was having a threesome right here on my bed, next to the desk where I’m typing this shit. No, it’s because I have in my hands Chico Sonido‘s first CD, the physical CD I mean (and by the way, isn’t it crazy that we already got so used to downloads that having an actual CD in your hands is something worth mentioning during a review?).

Anyway, last night I ran into Chico at an after-hours club and that was already quite amazing in itself, considering he lives in LA and he didn’t know he was coming to San Francisco until yesterday morning. The CD came out the day before yesterday and he posted it on Facebook and I was like “Damn, I’m gonna have to go all the way down to LA to get one of those!”, and then I ran into this guy right around the block from my house, literally, and he gives me one.

So I got home really late, actually early in the morning, and I wasn’t gonna start listening to it then so I went to sleep. I pushed play first thing in the morning and listened to it while I was having breakfast and wow, it blew my mind from the get go. This guy is a fucking genius! I love this shit!

Chico Sonido, if you still don’t know him, is the Mexican DJ who produced that awesome track with Up, Bustle & Out that was in everybody’s playlists two years ago and pretty much put neo-cumbia on the map for all you motherfuckers in the non-Spanish-speaking world. So yeah, we can definitely regard him as one of the pioneers of this hybrid genre. In fact the first cumbia mash-up ever released on vinyl was that classic Sistema Local EP that came out around 2005 and had the “Milkshake” mash-up by Chico Sonido. Back then, I didn’t know him personally but I knew his cousin Chachin, who I was hanging out with one afternoon in downtown LA and he gave me a copy of that record. So in formal aspects, that was my actual introduction to new school cumbia.

Now this is the much awaited Chico Sonido‘s debut and it has little to do with neo-cumbia and mash-ups. It’s all pure record-diggers gold and if you are a DJ or love DJ culture or love collecting old vinyl, this is what you need to get. It’s some serious DJ Shadow-esque shit with a very raw vinyl feel to it and lots of incredibly obscure samples of old Latin music. Unlike his friend and colleague Toy Selectah, Chico’s production style is very much stripped down to the basics, no over-saturation of layers, no fancy electronic effects, even if it’s a studio work, it still feels like it’s been recorded with not much more than just two turntables, a mixer and a shoebox of dusty 45’s. Just the type of shit that I love to listen to because it inspires me to get on the ones-and-twos and waste the whole rest of the day spinning.

But the thing is, this morning I wasn’t able to waste the rest of the day spinning, I couldn’t even finish listening to the whole CD because this couple of girls came and pick me up to take me to a Sunday barbecue at somebody’s house and then we came back home, a lil’ smashed and half-baked, and we started fooling around. And by “we” I mean the three of us. And all of a sudden I found myself in my room with these two girls taking turns to suck me off and instead of thinking “Dude, I’m such a lucky motherfucker!” I was looking at my desk where Chico Sonido‘s CD was sitting and thinking “I hope they leave soon so I can finish listening to that CD”. Yeah, that’s how much I loved it.

PS: So far the album is only available in CD, but in a couple of week you’ll be able to purchase it online too on all the usual outlets.

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