From one of the best labels on the scene at the moment ZZK RECORDS, alongside BERSA DISCOS (there you go homie, Shawn, got it right this time) and MAD DECENT, and in their own words:

“After a long wait, the Fauna remix contest has ended and now we bring you 10 new remixes.

With over forty entries, the ZZK Crew had the tough task of choosing just ten. Fauna (Color_Kit and Catarsis) Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolón, Villa Diamante, El G, Nim and DJ Uter each chose their favorites to create La Manita de Fauna Remixes, an album with 10 tracks that can be downloaded for free from ZZK Records.

While Fauna are touring Europe on their Summer Tour 09 and have played at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and will play Sfinks in Belgium, C/O POP in Germany, the ICA in Boston and gigs in Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam. The tracks chosen are from the south of Gran Buenos Aires to Mendoza, Mexico City, Tokyo and cities in the U.S.”.


01- Fauna – Gauchito Gil (Black Mandingo Bass Mix)
02 – Fauna – El Zombie (DisqueDJ Remix)
03 – Fauna – Las Mil Caras (Un Mono Azul Remix)
04 – Fauna – (Adrian Giordano Remix)
05 – Zurita – Llega Fauna (bmore Skank mix)
06 – Fauna – Las Mil Caras (Lagartijeando remix)
07 – Fauna – El 04 (Brujjas Remix)
08 – Fauna – Las Mil Caras (Searchl1te rmx)
09 – Fauna – El 04 (Senorina Remix)
10 – Fauna – Las Mil Caras (Roche Remix)

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