I’ve been a fan of Brooklynites WORDSOUND for a couple of years now, well.. about 10 years in fact,  their brand of broken hiphop and strange weirded out dub-hop is truly unique. They already sounded like today’s hipsters Flying Lotus and Samiyam at the end of the nineties…

So i’m very happy they will be playing our big ass GENERATION BASS event in Tilburg, Holland in September! SPECTRE THE ILL SAINT, SENSATIONAL and MENTOL NOMAD will be joined by local talent TIKÉ for a night of broken and unbroken hiphop. Good times people, good times… Because I know a lot of people out there don’t know these guys yet, I put together a mix of some of their stuff last night, grab it below and BLAST it!


Sensational – Cipher (f Kev Hutch)
Spectre  -The Bassick
Filastine – B’Talla (f Rabah)
Sensational – Breezy Session
Subtitle – A Surrealist Life
Spectre – Mint
Filastine – Fitnah (f Jessica)
Sensational & Kouhei – Purple People
Sensational – Live on the Dime
Spectre – Constant Elevation
Subtitle – Let’s get Lit
Sensational & Kouhei – Dekadance
Sensational & Kouhei – Lion o’ Sweaty Hand
Sensational – When I give ’em
Joker – Snake Eater

Check INCUBATE for times & tickets!

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