This came to us by way of Italy, where Andrea runs a weekly with the same name as he explains:

I have a weekly night here in town called GLOBO, where I play music from every continent and every time. I take it like a small step towards the end of the terms “ethnic music” and “world music”, which I think are used mainly to distinguish english and american music from the rest.

GLOBO is a fair match and a re-establishing of proportions, mixing like a little bit of anglo-saxon music with a big big bit of all this huge, exciting and kaleidoscopic “rest”. which happens to be like 90% of the music produced and heard all around the world, but we still think of only uk and american music as “real music”. this is a quick “live” mix I did to promote it. next one will be more modern/dance oriented, this is a little rootsy and vintage sounding, but not only. also, the passage between teta lando and filastine sucks and 4 or 5 others kinda suck, but whatever… selection above all! 😉

there’s music from albania, angola, brasil, cuba, ethiopia, jiamaica, iraq, italy, kenya, mali, nicaragua, nigeria, united kingdom, syria, united states of america, thailand, trinidad & tobago.
I hope you like it


The Budos Band – Origin of Man
Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra – 90% of Me Is You
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Marcus Garvey
Grupo Monumental – Si, Para Usted
Teta Lando – Angolé (Maurício Pacheco Remix)
Filastine feat. Wire MC & ECD – Hungry Ghost
Extra Golden – Gimakiny Akia
Amadou & Mariam – Ce N’Est Pas Bon
The Clash – One More Dub
Chalachew Ashenafi – Munit
Denisa – Plaku Dhe Vajza
Black Power – Nho Antón Escaderode
Águias Reais – Bazooka
Voices of Darkness – Mota Ginya
Ja’afar Hassan – Palestinian
Tlahoun Gèssèssè – Yèné Felagoté
Unknown – Lam Thuy Ying Mora
Chico Montenegro – N’Golo Banza
Jose “Chepito” Areas – Funky Folsom
Omar Souleyman – La Sidounak Sayyada
Turbulence – Notorious
Don Air – Joy Dub
Egle Sommacal – Fuori Dal Bar


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