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COLATRON is somebody who came to my attention with the brilliant DAVID LYNCH tribute mash up album, MASHED IN PLASTIC.

After digging around for more info about the guy, I discovered much to my surprise that he lived a stone throw’s away from me in Birmingham, UK!

He is one of the leading mash up artists on the chilled mash up front for sure, just check his excellent backlog of work, sheer brilliance.

Anyway, lucky for me and you,  as I’m also a Brummy (people who originate from Birmingham, UK-you should have gathered that from the AUDIO DAKOOS post), he has provided me with a SNEAK PREVIEW of something he is currently working on:

“TENEBRISM” (Extremes of Light & Dark) is a pure DUBSTEP MASH UP and his follow up/sequel to “Welcome to My World”.

Colatron says this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW is a very, very rough WIP with loads of work still to be done to it and that it’s probably 6 months away from being finished!

But we have the first 15 minutes (4 tracks) of this excellent work in progress which is ideal for a Monday Morning Chill-Fest and also provides us with an insight to where Colatron is heading with it all, a very exciting place, I think !

I’m really looking forward to the finished article, it’s sounding great mate.

Grab it below:


Tracklistings so far are:

Experience Light and Darkness (intro)

Jim Reeves – Welcome To My World
The Prodigy – Weather Experience
Pink Floyd – Goodbye Blue Sky (sample)
Burial – In McDonalds
Prince of Darkness OST – This Is Not a Dream
The Black Hole (movie trailer sample)
The Voice of Vrillon (sample)
The Voice of Colatron (sample)
The Voice of Korton (sample)
Burial – Night Bus
Positive Light and Darkness (sample)

Ghost In The Machine

Poltergeist 2: The Other Side -The Reverend Henry Kane
Burial – Ghost Hardware
Morcheeba – Blue Chair
Halloween – Was That The Boogieman
Pink Floyd – Nobody Home (excerpt)
2010: Odyssey Two: If You’d Like to Hear It, I can Sing It For You

The Science of Telephony

Mike Lennon – When Science Fails (Rusko remix)
Various calls to 911 (sample)
Blondie – Call Me
Customer services from British Telecom (sample)
Ella Fitzgerald – Putting On The Ritz


Michael Jackson – Thriller (video excerpt)
Rusko – Terminator
Michael Jackson – Ben
Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love (excerpts)
Michael Jackson – This is It (press conference excerpt)


Here’s Colatron’s Michael Jackson Dubstep mash-up that he did for his ‘Welcome to My World” mix earlier this year –

“Where Is Diana’s Home?” comprising

Bloc Party – Where Is Home (Burial Remix)
Sabres Of Paradise – Haunted Dancefloor
Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana
Princess Diana – Martin Bashir interview


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