The guys over at CRASHROOTS have set up something really cool check it:

“I’ve got a feeling you gonna like our newly launched opensource music (osm) project: we´re releasing collaborative music created by samim, miguel toro and the crashroots community. We encourage anybody to become a member and start sharing ideas with crashroots at a early stage. Here are 3 recent releases you might like.

Check our blog for daily updates from our community and new releases.
There´s lots more to discover

I hope you like the music, help me spread the word if you do ! 😉

thanks guys, great idea and some really cool tropical house/bass tracks there!


  1. hey there! i´m happy you´re digging the music !! we´ve been very busy in the studio all week and will have some new goodies on the site on monday! We just started the project a month ago and its been a great experience so far. Communicating ideas with a great community on a daily basis is such a different approach then with traditional release channels. i´m feeling more creative then ever thanks to this, thank you internet, web people and generationbass!

  2. We´ve just uploaded our first videoclips for the crashroots music! we´re aiming at having clips for all major releases. visual music is so much more fun !

    latincontra – se me olvido el delay (by Miguel Toro & Samim)

    latincontra – pasito tun tun (by argenix)

    please leave a comment on the video if you like it, you¬¥ll make the artists very happy! 😉

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