lazy flow

Hot upcoming producer DJ LAZY FLOW just dropped another party gem… this one is called POLKA SHIT#2, so you kinda know what to expect 🙂 Krazy LIL JON samples, Subbed out wobble bass and BMORE beats. Another perfect party tool from this dude, check it out man:



  1. hahaha, this made me smile! It seems like everbody is doing mashups now!!! super cool stuff, let the great cultural recycling begin!

  2. yo this might not be the right place but i dont know where to contact you aboutthat so i’ll just do it here lol

    i heard about a d jset you are supposed to do at a cumbia night at melkweg and i id like to come so i went to the melkweg site but its all in dutch and i dont understand it……………is it really just 9‚Ǩ ?

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