Damas Gratis - Para Los Pibes font2

I still have difficulty understanding the logic behind covers like this from a band who sound so sugary & sweet and with the catchiest child-like melodies you’re ever likely to hear.

I think recently (putting Pibes Chorros and some others aside) the only artists who have also been able to emulate these types of catchy and feel-good candyfloss sounds that it’s ok to LOVE that spring to my mind are Manu Chao (first 2 albums only) and Arabic Pop artists.

Damas Gratis ought not need any introduction on these here pages on this blog but just in case you are not aware.  Damas Gratis (Spanish for “Ladies’ Night”, literally “Ladies for Free”) is an Argentinian cumbia band started by Pablo Lescano in 2000. Damas Gratis is one the leading bands of the cumbia villera movement (straight from Wikki…haaa.haaa).

Anyway, yes I’ve gone back to old skool CUMBIA VILLERA for this week’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia and here are a few tracks to get you into the mood.

Still cannot fathom out all that pornographic imagery though, perhaps somebody would be kind enough to explain it to me 😉

Damas Gratis – Poli En Accion

Damas Gratis – Altrevida Con Nestor En Bloque



  1. well for the imagery…………….people like seeing that (you see the same on dancehall mixtape covers too)

    and then some of the songs talk about sex too

    1. Thanks man…..its just that the imagery does not fit the sugary sweet sounds…whereas with Dancehall, I can see the correlation between the sexually charged sounds and imagery

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