Latinchrist Superstar LP - front2

Here’s something that my homie from one of my favourite blogs, BOOTLEGUMACHINE sent on to me and asked me if I wouldn’t mind spreading the word about it.

Man, I don’t mind at all,  as I always feel like stealing most of his posts and using them here….haaa.haaa….it’s a pleasure to help spread the word.

This an album by PEDRO INFAME who is based in that sunny and great place MEXICO.  Must confess, never heard of him before until Bootlegumachine mentioned him to me.  Anyway, he’s doing some brilliant mash up stuff, very cool, kinda like heavy electro-bass latinized rock mash ups of famous western rock & pop tracks.  It also includes some original tracks too.

The only info I could find about him is on his MY SPACE page and he says this about himself:

“Pedro Infame and his music, is the antithesis of tendencies, genres and electronic purism, to give you a chance to enjoy a real and big muthafucka party. AND YOU KNOW IT PURRRRFECTLY.

Downloading music is very easy, buying it is for girls, making, remaking and destroyin’ it is INFAME”.

Ok, surreal I know, but I think what he is saying is LISTEN AND HAVE A MUTHAFUCKIN’ PARTY and don’t buy the shit cause that’s for sissies!  Sounds like our kinda man.

Anyway download the muthafucka and make up your own mind, I really dig!



Latinchrist Superstar LP - back


  1. Eso Dj UMB!!, “as I always feel like stealing most of his posts and using them here‚Ķ.haaa.haaa” shure brooo!! i feel sometimes the same with you guys at GENBASS! ha ha, respect as usual dudes… thanks a lot!

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